The Electrifying Magic of Change

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Change is in the air and I'm saying YES YES YES!! 

Real talk: change gets a bad rep and can make us feel grumpy, anxious and stressed.  However, change can also jolt us out of our ruts and wake us up to new, incredible possibilities! We can't prevent change from coming (and really, how drab would life be if stuff was always "same old, same old"??!  BORING.), but we can certainly work on how we respond to it mentally and physically.  Moving, heart-wrenching decisions, the beginning or end of relationships, illness or recovery, successes or failures in your career or new opportunities--these can all create big waves and stretch our boundaries.  For me, 2017/2018 has been all about pushing limits and leaning into my fears, only to watch them disintegrate before my eyes as I confronted them head on (YES!).  Which has lead me to my current meditation on how to stay centered amidst change and turmoil, or at least, how to return as quickly and easily to this gentle, unflappable (work in progress!), zen-like center; a place where I'm able to remain more neutral, calm and less reactive.  So now it's time to put all this meditating to the real life test because big changes are here! 


After more than 12 years of living and working based in Boston MA, I have finally pulled the trigger on moving on.  It's pretty intense when you realize you are powerful enough to think, speak and action your way into a completely different life!  So many ingredients get stirred in: desire, clarity, surrender, flow, humility...and likely a dash of shot nerves and fear!  But, piece by piece, things came together and, with the help of my amazing friends, I was able to make the move from Boston to NY for the summer--and for all my worrying, it actually went off without a hitch!  With that behind me, I'm finally ready to recalibrate, refocus and embrace the nomadic, mobile lifestyle that I've talked about and craved for so long.  The enormous, awe-inspiring world beckons and it's not the time to cling to the known.  It's time to open my arms and reach for the unknown...for what is the unknown but a stranger yet to become my friend and guide?  Only the Universe knows where I'll end up! :)


This June 2018, my nomadic teaching journey begins in the Hamptons NY, then onward to the Turks & Caicos for 6 months, then back to beloved Costa Rica in March, and then perhaps Mexico, England, France, Spain, Thailand or Indonesia??   Who can say?!  Though I love to plan, organize and strategize about the where/when/how of my journey, the truth is, I just don't have that much control.  And actually, the idea of moving more slowly, intentionally disconnecting from technology, traveling, teaching, learning and simply letting the chips fall where they may...well, that all sounds like music to my ears.  The idea of surrendering to receive has never resonated more deeply than it does now.  The more I surrender, the more the stars seem to align in so many unpredictable yet perfect ways.  And for that, I'm excited and grateful.


So, here I sit in my new home in East Hampton...and as I shift from fear to excitement, as I let go of my possessions (what's left are in a humble storage unit in East Boston), as I embrace my adaptability, my inner strength and every single freakin' crazy experience that has brought me to this exact moment in time, I feel myself get lighter and lighter.  And the lighter I get, the more happily I feel myself leaning into the newness of it all.  My heart feels like it's overflowing with lifetimes of gratitude...tidal waves of learnings, wisdom and whispers from my ancestors and spirit guides, all telling me to go, go, go!  The Universe is made up of Love and I'm a tiny but important part of that.  How wonderful to truly know and believe that now!  And so, with no regrets, I take the leap.  Because who am I to deserve anything less than a glorious, adventurous, illuminating and joyful life?!?


~This blog post kicks off the Empowered Living Blogamentary series within which I'll share my travel adventure stories, insights and wellness advice.  Stay turned for more! ~